Thank you for this opportunity to share our vision. We are excited about it and hope you feel the same.

We have been collaborating with National Geographic, in its many forms, for nearly twenty years so we feel like we know the brand pretty well. It’s not just about the beautiful, reverent images of nature that are conjured by the iconic National Geographic brand because the National Geographic Society is not about the brand itself. It’s about doing. NGS has been actively protecting our planet for over 130 years. It is about exploration and research, but it’s also about informing, advocating, educating, innovating, adapting, rolling up sleeves, and inspiring people and entities at all levels across the globe to get involved with real programs that make a difference.

Our vision to represent the National Geographic Society taps into the passion of anyone who wants to protect and improve our planet and motivates them to do something about it. The key to this is emotional connection with the audience. They have to feel before they care and are receptive to information. This philosophy is the foundation of the Crave Media brand. We firmly believe that emotional connection is the crux of the creative process and all of our work emanates from this core value.

To that end, we embraced the three pillars of the Society’s mission: Securing the Natural World, Living Smarter on our Planet, and Empowering the Next Generation of Planetary Stewards. We did this in a non-linear, thematic approach and did not dive into the details of specific programs in favor of prioritizing emotional connection. However, we recognize that the creative process is also an evolution. We are happy and well equipped to further develop in any direction. We can always dial it back, dial it in, or even make a sharp turn in a different direction – but we wanted to start with a bold first step.

In addition to our familiarity with your brand and your mission, we are also familiar with your content. Most of the images and all of the dialogue in this pitch were acquired from NGS for other projects profiling the history of the Society’s conservation achievements and also more recent and current programs such as “Into the Okavango”, “Pristine Seas”, and “30 by 2030”.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy!