Destination Wild 2015 Launch - Gold Promax

It’s not often you get an opportunity to create something special that airs in over 140 countries for an entire year. It’s even better when you get to do it two years in a row and then it wins a the Gold Promax Global Excellence Award for Best Editing.

Continuing the amazing success of the first Destination Wild campaign, the National Geographic Channels International marketing team once again partnered with Crave Media to create this campaign launch and signature anthem piece promoting the yearlong programming event that showcases the planet’s most spectacular places and amazing creatures. And once again, the challenge was to make existing content feel fresh, unexpected, and exciting. But this year we upped the ante pointing out the difference between human society and nature, and how nature lives by its own rules. A more aggressive, bold editorial style driven by a great score with teeth by recording artist, Porter Robinson, gets it done.

We will be uploading last year's Destination Wild premiere campaign very soon, so please check back here for a link to see how this winner evolved from last year's success. Thanks for watching!

Creative Development: NGCI & Crave Media

SVP, Creative & Consumer Marketing - Emanuele Madeddu 
Director, Creative & Consumer Marketing - Alyshia Linares
Creative Manager - Maricruz Castillo
Digital Marketing Manager - Darren Knabe
Branding Director - Mariano Barreiro

Crave Media
Creative Director/Editor/Colorist – Ian Rummer
Sound Design/Mix – Jeff Mullen, Sonichead

Voice Over - Toby Ricketts
Music Score – Porter Robinson


Killing Jesus - Trailer

Joey L. photography - Tutorial Trailers

After becoming acquainted through several marketing campaigns for National Geographic Channel, the incredibly talented photographer, Joey L., asked us to cut these trailers to tease a series of tutorials detailing how he creates such amazing images and what gear he uses. The tutorial for the “Zombie Boy” feature and cover images for Rebel Ink magazine addresses the crucial control of light, the subject's pose and expression, and the frame's composition. In the tutorial for National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Lincoln” advertisements, Joey explains the translation from conceptual sketches into engaging photographs, dissecting the lighting techniques step by step. The third tutorial shares three unique ways to light a scene using just the sun and a single strobe.

Full tutorials available at

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Editors - Ian Rummer / Robin Giannattasio, Crave Media

LA Ink

"Parables of War" Trailer


The Fall of Saigon "Panic"

Universal | Bert the Conqueror

American Blackout Trailer :90

This National Geographic Channel movie event documents the lives of people who experience the "American Blackout" - a fictionalized result of a cyber-attack on the US power grid. Creative direction for this long lead trailer was an accelerated breakdown of order and society and an increasing sense of terror as the situation rapidly transgresses from novelty to desperation, horror, and then chaos. It was great to have the extra 30 seconds in this version to build out the downward spiral. To see the :60 broadcast version, go to -

Creative Development: National Geographic Channel & Crave Media

National Geographic Channel
SVP Creative - Andy Baker
Creative Director - Tyler Korba
Writer/Producer - James Introcaso
Creative Director, Design - Brian Everett
Design Director - Carla Daeninckx

Crave Media
Creative Director / Editor - Ian Rummer
Sound Design / Mix - Jeff Mullen, Sonichead

Motion Graphics: Director/Designer - Stephen Schuster, Nu Noir

Miller 64 | Mountain Movers

Locked Up Abroad "McCain"

National Geographic Channel collaborated with Crave Media and Variable, who shot some killer concept footage in an abandoned military outpost and morgue to compliment the show clips and flavor the look and feel of the entire "Locked Up Abroad" campaign throughout the season: a fun and effective departure from the usual strategy of front loading all the goodies onto a series sell. View this entire campaign at

In this episode, our friendly neighborhood drug smuggler earns the nickname "Mr. Nice".

Also view the 5th season launch campaign at

Client: National Geographic Channel
SVP/Group CD - Andy Baker
Writer/Producer - Katie Smithson
Creative Director - Tyler Korba
Creative Director, Design - Brian Everett
Art Director - Jeremy Tate

Crave Media
CD/Editor/Colorist - Ian Rummer, Crave Media
Sound Design/Mix - Jeff Mullen, Sonichead

Production/Cinematography: Variable

History: "EXPEDITION AFRICA" (Silver Promax)

Animals Gone Wild - Twisted Sister promo

Nat Geo Wild’s new series, “Animals Gone Wild”, was all about how rowdy, cunning, innovative, and tricky animals can be, so it needed a bold marketing approach that would attract more viewers by setting it apart from other wildlife shows about soft, cuddly creatures, natural history, or animal science. Marketing focused on hooking viewers with the most compelling aspect: animals rebelling against humanity and taking over. The show content is entirely archival and a lot of it is pretty rough, so a very strong device was needed to command attention, amp up the excitement, and drive such a visceral creative. Enter Twisted Sister. Their infamous anti-authority heavy metal anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, that threatened parents and teachers everywhere in the 1980’s was a perfect fit.  Ratings for “Animals Gone Wild” exceeded expectations on the channel by +67% above primetime average and currently ranks as the #1 archive-based series in Nat Geo Wild’s history.

Creative Development: Nat Geo Wild & Crave Media

Nat Geo Wild
SVP/Group Creative Director - Andy Baker
Creative Director - Tyler Korba
Creative Director Design - Brian Everett
Design Director - Carla Daeninckx
Sr. Producer - Sarah Murphy

CD/Editor - Ian Rummer, Crave Media
Sound Design / Mix - Jeff Mullen, Sonichead
Graphics - Fivestone

Travel: Bourdain "SUMMER VACATION"

Greensburg (Gold Promax winner)

Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout?

Destination Wild Idents


Destination Wild Premiere Launch

Sarah Palin's Alaska

"THE MATADOR" trailer

Alaska State Troopers "North to Alaska"

Locked Up Abroad "High Heel Heroine"

DOH Get Vaccinated "Tanya"

Great Migrations "Move or Die"

Killing Kennedy - Behind the Scenes

This Behind the Scenes video captures the making of the "Killing Kennedy" campaign. Shot over 4 days in Richmond, Virginia, you'll get a glimpse at the collaboration and coordination that it took to pull this entire production together. 6 different sets, multiple talent, key art and photography shooting plus Phantom Flex, Red Epic and 8mm cameras. An incredible shoot, telling an amazing story: captured here in less than 4 minutes. 

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Client: National Geographic Channel
SVP/Group Creative Director: Andy Baker
Creative Director: Tyler Korba
Creative Director, Design: Brian Everett
Production Manager: Kevin Lahr

Behind the Scenes:
Editor: Ian Rummer – Crave Media
Cinematographer: Cale Glendening
Sound Design/Mix: Jeff Mullen – Sonichead

Production Company: Variable 
Creative Development: National Geographic, Variable & Mill+
Director: Rama Allen & Jonathan Bregel
Writer: Rama Allen
Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter
Producer: Alex Friedman
Production Supervisor: Paige DeMarco
Cinematographer: Khalid Mohtaseb
VFX Supervisor - Adrian Hurley
Phantom Tech - Edward Richardson
AC/DIT: Daniel Stewart & Jeffrey Levine
Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca
Photographer: Joey L

CRAVE taster