Seize the Day


“Seize the Day”

This is a unique moment in our relationship with the earth – a moment full of change, peril, opportunity, and hope.  And that feeling, in all its complexity is what we intend to capture very simply. From the beauty of our one-and-only home, to the urgency of the threats it faces, to the passion and fierce hopefulness of those determined to protect it. Here’s what many people know: the stakes have never been higher and the planet has never needed us more. But here’s what they may not know: people have never been more engaged.  And thanks to new technology there’s never been more ways to explore, share and SAVE our world.  The challenges are daunting, but the possibilities are endless. If together we commit to seize the day.

INTRO MUSIC: Brahms, Symphony No. 1 in C Minor. Tone is swelling, glorious, then serene.

We open on images of the pristine beauty of the planet. Since the challenge we face and the beauty we share are universal, a single word: GAIA appears in graphic text and quickly ticks through several translations before landing on EARTH

SOUND BITE: from "Into the Okavango":

“This is our planet. We have the power to protect…

MUSIC SHIFT: Transforms, darker now as we perceive the nature of the threat

…and we have the power to destroy.”

We see images of our handiwork – the damage humans have done – we tick through a catalog of horrors: pollution, plastics in the ocean, overfishing, poaching.

As more images, and the sound of a ticking clock grows louder we hear a woman’s measured but hopeful voice. It’s Jane Goodall…

“It’s very important that you realize the way to affect change…


…is to get out there, roll up your sleeves and do something!”

Music and lyrics kick in – with dramatically different feel. Now it’s driving, exuberant.  It grabs you and says “Come on, Get up!” and let’s do this!

This is the main thrust of the reel and where we really kick into high gear.  It’s where the rubber meets the road – and problems meet solutions.

who we are

We’ve got history. And it’s been a wild ride. Starting on the origin and early National Geographic Society we tick through images showing what 130 years of passionately fighting for our planet looks like. We see iconic faces/moments: Jane Goodall with chimp, discovery of The Titanic and ecstatic Bob Ballard, etc. and a mini-montage of discoveries/wow/never-before-seen/we learned something new moments.

SOUND BITE: Joel Sartore re: Photo Ark

“I’ve devoted my life to documenting every species in captivity”


SOUND BITE: from “Into the Okavango”:

“Protecting this landscape…

We see images of explorers venturing into remote places to protect and conserve places and species.

…for future generations.”


SOUND BITE: Adjany from “Into the Okavango” - with team working in a war zone:

 “I’m questioning everything in life...(explosion)…Insane!”

We see explorers pushing the limits of knowledge and of themselves. 

We see the grueling work and the physical danger.  These folks put their lives on the line to help us understand the world.


We see the scientists and exploreres who are on the front lines of the struggle -- helping fight pollution, climate change, and helping people to live in a way that respects the planet.

SOUND BITE: Thandiwe Mweeta speaking at NG Event:

Poaching…habitat destruction…I’m going to do something about it.


Engaging, motivating and educating – inspiring the next generation! Bringing the latest field research into the classroom via streaming/technology. We see an explorer surprise a classroom full of kids and they scream like he’s a rock star!

As we begin final montage, the images are inspiring and hopeful, the music energizing.  It’s as if we’re happy soldiers marching into battle.

SOUND BITE: from Adjany “Into the Okavango”:

“This project has given me hope!”


SOUND BITE: from “Into the Okavango”:

 “This is our planet!”


SOUND BITE: from Gorongosa National Park Ranger:

“Make sure that this place survives.”

As in the open, we tick through graphic text translations of CARPE DIEM > APROVECHA EL DÍA > PROFITER DU PRÉSENT > PLUK DE DAG > NUTZE DEN TAG > ENDING ON SEIZE THE DAY

BIG MUSIC RESOLVE: Syncs with National Geographic logo reveal.

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